Welcome to Smokey Design Works.
My name is David Jones and I have been working as a graphic designer for over 20 years. specializing in print-ready design, including posters, catalogs, newsletters, letterhead, all sizes of envelopes, business cards, books, flyers, brochures, sports media guides, invitations, identification cards, and forms.
One of my first jobs in the business was at Brea Printing in Brea, California, where I worked in the design and prepress department for several years. It was there I learned of the gap between designers' ambitions and the capability of being able to actually get those projects to print correctly. Ever since then, I have worked to make my projects and "press-friendly" as possible...so what I present to a client is something that can be produced without extra steps and expense becoming necessary during the printing process.
I worked for several years producing a great many medical forms so I have an excellent grasp on what is needed in that type of project and the capacity to produce a very large quantity in a short time.
I currently live in East Tennessee, but have a large number of clients in Southern California. I maintain a very flexible schedule by keeping my laptop nearby almost all the time.
Standard response time for emailed requests is usually within 1 business day...or even faster if it's a rush request.
Specializing in Quick Turnaround and Great Prices for Print Brokers and Print Shops!
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