All quotes will be based on a $50 per hour rate.
Please use Contact page to contact me for an estimate and include as much detail as you can.
Because I have worked on a large number of forms over the years, I have been able to standardize pricing on them to some extent:
New Form, single page, 1-sided (or 1st page of a multi-page form), average coverage: $25 (Light coverage, $20; Heavy coverage, $30; Very heavy coverage, $35)
Subsequent pages generally $5 less than first page for each additional page. (For example, an 4 page form with average text and graphics coverage on each page would be $25 for the first page plus $20 each for pages 2, 3 and 4, for a total of $85.)
Revisions to forms already on file usually cost $15, but could be slightly less or more depending on the extent of the revisions.
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